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Our Testimonials

In July, I received a total knee replacement and as part of my recovery plan was scheduled for several therapy sessions by my physician, Dr. Mathis. This was my second procedure requiring therapy. In January, after an endoscopic procedure on my knee, I worked with Muhammad and was already a little familiar with the experienced staff of the physical therapy department. Muhammad had me back to normal in a few sessions.
However, a longer series of appointments (11) allowed me to really observe and learn from the excellent therapist on staff. I was assigned to work with David. And work I did! He was very knowledgeable about all aspects of the procedure I had and the best way to help me achieve success in my rehabilitation. Through his encouragement and his ability to make even the hardest exercise seem easier just by smiling through it all and explaining why THIS particular exercise and what results it would produce, I persevered. Every visit David asked questions to evaluate what was working or what issues I was having. At my 6 week follow-up with Dr. Mathis, he was impressed with my improvement in motion and flexibility. I told him I attributed that improvement to the physical therapist I was working with. After finishing my scheduled sessions, I have improved enough to continue rehab on my own.. although, I do still hear David’s “this is for your own good” ringing in my ear.
In addition, I must compliment the entire staff of the Physical Therapy Department. From first arrival at the check in desk (greeting you by name), to Josh during the evaluation visit, and to all therapists on the floor – they are really a TEAM. From helping each other in rushed times, to encouraging patients, theirs and others – as they pass by their work area. The atmosphere is one of guiding patients through the hard work of rehabilitation, while making it a pleasant experience. Let’s be honest… physical therapy is not always pleasant! Thank you and your excellent therapists.

Linda A.

I don’t know if I can honestly put into words how I feel about Texas Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine. This is the finest group of medical professionals I believe on planet earth. I have had dealings with this group for several years and I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend this group to anyone that has an orthopedic issue. ALL of the doctors and staff are extremely sharp, friendly, straight forward and to the point about their dealings. I recently visited this group concerning a rupture of my left bicep. The doctor discussed every negative and positive aspect of having surgery and not having surgery and left the decision strictly up to me. I highly appreciate his honesty about this and I made the decision NOT to have surgery. In the past I had a right total knee revision done by one of these physicians and to this date have not had one “single second” of trouble with my knee. Take if from me, I will NOT hesitate to return to this excellent group of doctors in the future if the need arises.

James G.

Great Dr., great bedside manner. Explained everything he would do. Answered all of my questions.

Mary L.

I pray you never do, but if you DO, in fact, ever need a shoulder or knee surgery, Dr. Fahl is without a doubt the one you need to go to. He has performed a knee and 2 shoulder surgeries on my son, 2 shoulder surgeries on my husband, and multiple combinations of knee and/or shoulder surgeries on my father-in-law and brother-in-law. Getting injured is a family thing, I guess, but none of us would even dream about going anywhere else for the care we receive and the level of expertise Dr. Fahl provides. My son is a collegiate athlete in New Jersey, and was devastated to learn he needed a 2nd surgery on his left shoulder this past Christmas. He was given the option of having the surgery with team docs in New York or New Jersey, all highly respected in their fields, but was adamant that only Dr. Fahl could do it. He just trusts Dr. Fahl, as do the other men-folk in my family who have had to use him! Dr. Long, his right-hand man, is also extremely wonderful, and has even worked with my son via Skype to assess his rehabilitation progress since my son went back to college. Go with the team you can trust if you ever find yourself in this position. Dr. Fahl is the only orthopedic surgeon my family will use!

Ellen J.